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Filleting Nemo

Clownfish Costume

I know she's not Nemo

I recently signed up for Netflix.

As I was surveying the vast assortment of movies available to me for instant streaming…

I searched for Finding Nemo and sure enough I found it (Netflix has everything) But it was only available on DVD. Ever resourceful, Netflix offered me some alternatives…

Ponyo - Studio Ghibli




This Japanese anime feature from famed filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki follows the adventures of a 5-year-old boy, Sosuke, and his burgeoning friendship with Ponyo, a goldfish princess who desperately wants to become human.”

At least it’s about a fish… sort of.


Stuart Little 3 – Call of the Wild

Stuart Little 3 - Call of the Wild

Stuart Little 3 - Call of the Wild


With school out for the summer, the Littles are vacationing in a cabin by the lake, and Stuart is so excited he could burst! But when Snowbell the cat is captured by a mean-spirited creature known simply as the Beast, it’s up to Stuart and a skunk named Reeko to rescue him and a few other friends.

A mouse, hmmm, Netflix is reaching here. But it is a kids’ movie.

And it’s here that Netflix goes off on a tangent…

Saltwater Fishing

100 Saltwater Fishing Mistakes

The next two movies:

100 Saltwater Fishing Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Sometimes, doing things correctly is only a matter of knowing what not to do. And when it comes to saltwater fishing, learning from your mistakes isn’t always the safest method.



Offshore Fishing: Deep Dwellers

Offshore Fishing

Offshore Fishing

You can easily become a pro at offshore fishing — or at least look like a pro — with help from this 40-minute instructional release that offers plenty of insider tips, innovative methods and tricky techniques to dig up grouper, snapper and triggerfish.


Does anyone else find it a little disconcerting that two films on fishing would be offered as substitutes for a children’s cartoon about fish?

Maybe I’m just being too sensitive.

Maybe clownfish are good eatin’

Umm umm umm


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