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Running of the Bull

It turns out you don’t have to go all the way to Pamplona, Spain in order to Run with the Bulls. There are several comparable festivals around the world, if not so well known. For example:

In Brattleboro, Vermont there is the annual Strolling of the Heifers, in which flower bedecked young cows are paraded down main Street to celebrate Vermont’s agricultural tradition.

In New Orleans there is the annual event where revelers are chased down the street by local Roller Derby Team, the NolaBulls, it is too new to have an official name yet, although I could suggest The Rolling of the Molls. Although they just call it a tribute to the original in Pamplona.

In Reed Point, Montana since 1989, they have had the Running of the Sheep.

The Running of the Nudes: PETA Europe, PETA Germany, and PETA Asia-Pacific are holding “nude” conferences in various cities around the world to announce a new plan to end bullfighting and the Running of the Bulls!

The Running of the Brides: Filene’s in Boston has this anual event that clears out their closeout wedding gowns.

The Running of the Horns: an annual 5K run/walk that takes place on the University of Texas campus.

Running of the Beds: in Boston, in honor of September’s International Housekeeping Week and to celebrate hotel housekeepers.

Running of the Urinals: A particularly nasty and dangerous event this video is from Preakness 2007.

The Running of the Bullshitters: “At its very core, it’s a pub crawl. But it’s a pub crawl unlike one you’ve ever seen before.”

Running of the Horses: in Todos Santos, a remote village in Guatemala’s western highlands.

Running of the Lizards: Residents of Topeka, Kan., turn out for the 11th annual event to collect and count Italian wall lizards in the name of science and fun.

Running of the Weiners: Over 150 dogs took part in the event in 2006. Three classes for the little dogs to enter–Senior Sausages, Frankfurters and Little Smokies.

Running of the Boots: This is Southeast Alaska’s answer to Spain’s “Running of the Bulls”. But unlike the Pamplona spectacle, the greatest hazard in the “Running of the Boots” is being run over by an oncoming herd of Sitkans wearing rubber boots…

I am sure there are others. Send in your local events based upon the famous Running of the Bulls.

How can you use it?

This would make a great intro piece. Prefaced perhaps with references to:  fanaticism, crazy youth or building on a famous idea to make something of your own.

It could be used as an example of how things can get carried away, carried to an extreme, or how no good idea goes unpunished.

It could be used as anexample of the “herd instinct,” the same reason Hollywood turns out copycat movies.

Change the order of the events to better suit the point you want to make. Generally, for best humor impact I would go from the simply amusing to the more absurd… although in this case, they are all pretty absurd.

This would generally be appropriate for nearly any audience. As always, use your own judgement.

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  1. vaunce says:

    This is a great post. Thank you.

  2. Jenny33 says:

    Nice alternatives. There are so many festivals in the world that are very unique.